The HCG Diet Plan

HCG Diet PlanWhat is HCG diet plan?

HCG diet plan is one of the most effective ways to lose your weight. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein hormone produced from the embryos during pregnancy. In the 1950’s it was discovered that it is highly effective in the treatment of obesity. Dr. A.T.W Simeons pioneered the research in this field, using injections, coupled with low calorie diet, in order to arrest and completely reverse weight gain. Many people achieved amazing and lasting weight loss solution with HCG.
The HCG diet plan is very much effective. Recent studies indicate that, HCG not only helps you to lose weight fast but also it helps to cure diabetes. This is absolutely an amazing development, considering that HCG has never been used to treat diabetes. It’s quite surprising that such a simple hormone is turning out to have so many unexpected effects.

How to use?

The primary way of using HCG was HCG injection. HCG was generally thought to need monitoring by a doctor to maximize effectiveness but later on, in the early 2000s; several pharmaceutical companies began offering HCG drops, as a low cost alternative for achieving similar results. Imitators begin to form around the effective treatment. Most of the HCG drops were created for this purpose, but it contains little or no HCG at all. The HCG diet plan has been effective as research begun showing recent time. This not only provides one of the most stable and long lasting treatments, but also a staple of any doctor’s prescription plan for helping patient lose weight.

Cost of HCG

HCG diet plan is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and keep it off. Another reason for the contagious popularity is that the HCG diet is considered to be free. The money saved on food spent in one week pays for the diet. The other weeks are just money saved while the fat melts away. Recently, the homeopathic HCG drops are produced in an FDA approved laboratory.

How to maintain HCG diet plan?

There are three phases of HCG diet plan; they are Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization Phase.

The loading phase

The initial 2 days of the HCG weight loss therapy is called Loading phase. In this stage, users have to eat high calorie food. Dieters have to load as much food as he or she can, as these abnormal fat reserves will prepare the body to combat in the low calorie diet days. The original diet calls for 10-15 drops 3 times a day. However studies have shown that 6-10 drops 6 times a day is more effective. In this phase force-feeding encourages the hypothalamus to burn more fat, even after the ending of loading days. The two days of loading phases is followed by the second phase called Maintenance phase.

The maintenance Phase

Maintenance phase is not restricted to mere 21 protocol days but can be stretched till 40 days depending on your goal weight. In this phase the dieter is introduced with the 500 calorie diet, one of the main aspects of this hormonal therapy. For about three weeks, the body will get the very low calorie diet along with the combination of 10-15 drops three times a day. Now, this brilliant combination targets abnormal fat banks that might be located in various parts of the body such as chin, thighs, flabby arms, buttocks, hip and lower abdomen. But to increase the effectiveness you dieters must maintain few things. That, he/she does not consume sugar, Starch and fried food items. Dieter will not have hunger pangs as his/her body is getting adequate supply of calories from the localized fat banks. In case of women, HCG drops can be resumed immediately after the menstruation.

The stabilization phase

The stabilization phase is the final phase where the dieter could skip the HCG drops. In this phase it is recommended for him/her to consume very low calorie diet with moderate calorie restriction, but should completely avoid sugar and starch to keep the weight stable. This would result in a daily fat intake of around 800 calories for women and 1,000 calories for men.

How HCG diet plan works?

The dieter should undergo a minimum of 44 days HCG treatment even if he/she has to lose a few pounds. One can easily lose up to 30-35 pounds (around 15Kg) in his/her first round of HCG. It is advisable to employ multiple rounds for losing more weight. The dieter should start his/her second round of HCG after six weeks if he/she doesn’t achieve his/her goal weight during the first round.

The diet plan is very essential because the diet regime is to stop the body from taking in a lot more excess fat. It pushes our bodies to utilize excess fat that is certainly saved in the body. The increase in metabolic processes together with lessened calories ends up with fast ponder damage, creating the HCG weight loss diet plan the most productive diet program to opportunity seekers who wants to shed pounds. The HCG diet plan will take it a stride further by boosting unwanted fat using process.

Side effect & Safety

HCG is available in various forms but it is advisable to consume the homeopathic diet drops. Sublingual drops are possibly the secured and simplest way to infuse this hormone in the body. These drops have no side effects in the body. Unlike shots and pills, these diet drops are completely safe and painless.
Last but not the least, the dieter must know about the safety. The HCG diet program is scientifically demonstrated that they are a safe balanced solution to burn fat and losing weight. Since it is healthy, HCG weight loss doesn’t have any long lasting down side effects. People today following the HCG diet plan are even asked to consume organic and natural foods as far as possible. The diet regime may be tough to observe but with a bit of control one may get the outstanding result, without resorting to unsafe techniques one may get the figure he always been dreaming about. Please consult with your doctor if necessary, Though HCG diet plan doesn’t have a harmful effect yet mental satisfaction is important.