The HCG Diet

HCG Diet Plan

A healthy life is essential for everybody. The HCG diet is one of the leading weight loss diets. Records indicate that the HCG diet has helped millions of Americans to achieve their weight loss objectives. The HCG diet protocol was pioneered by Doctor A.T.W Simeons over 60 years ago as he was working to cure malnutrition in underdeveloped villages. Since its inception as one of the fast weight loss diets, the HCG diet has seen a significant increase in demand. The use of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin — an hormone that is found in expectant mothers has been publicized on a number of TV shows including the recent coverage by Fox News and the popular Oprah TV show. This diet is also featured in United States’ best selling book; the weight Loss Cure.

What is the HCG Diet Program and How it Works

The HCG is a hormone that was discovered by Doctor Simeons in expectant mothers. While Simeons was observing women during their pregnancy, Simeons discovered that as soon as the child was born, the health of the mother started to go down. This type of hormone is created naturally by the body to nourish and protect the fetus by utilizing the stored fats and converting them to nutrients for the fetus’s use. Researchers argues that if this naturally occurring hormone will help to convert fat to natural energy, then it will help millions of Americans suffering from obesity.

Our body contains three types of fat. The first one is the structural fat that is found in between the skin and organs. This type of fat is meant to protect the body. The second type of fat that is found in our body is the normal reserve fat, this is the layer of fat responsible for supplying the body with energy when there is low intake of calories. Third type of fat is the abnormal fat. This is the type of fat that forms the unwanted fats in abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. This type of fat is not wanted by the body. It is the kind of fat that is converted by the HCG diet to energy.

The HCG diet unlike other weight loss diets works in three different consecutive phases. The 1st phase is the one in which accumulation of fat reserves in our body takes place. This phase achieved by taking a lot of food as you can be able to consume. The phase takes two days while beginning the HCG fat release program. The second phase of this treatment takes 23 to 40 days. During this phase, a 500-calorie diet that includes vegetables, fruits and 2 meals of 3.5 oz. of protein are followed while taking the HCG diet. The third phase of the HCH fat release program is called the maintenance period of the HCG diet protocol. In this phase you can eat as much as you want as long as you keep away all foods that are rich in starch and sugar.

The main reason for phase one is to keep HCG circulating in the body before the process of fat conversion starts. It is believed that on completion of the second day, the brain will have had sufficient time to recognize that the release of fats should take place. Addition of more abnormal fats to the body is essential as it will act as a signal to HCG of what process that should follow. In phase 2, you can lose up to 2 pounds per day. And this will continue up to the time that you get to the desired weight. When you are on the third phase, you continue taking the 500-calorie diet for 2 days to allow the hormone to completely leave your body. Doctors have used the HCG treatment for a long time. A quantified injection of the hormone is done in combination of a strict lean diet and this has brought about impressive results in many people suffering from obesity.

The HCG Diet and African Mango

Nowadays, the HCG diet protocol has been developed and improved further to better the results. Kevin Trudeau, one of the researchers has dedicated much of his time to come up with a better working protocol that will fit to today’s advanced improvements. He has come up with better phases explaining when to start the diet and when to stop. Study has also shown that the use of the HCG diet together with African mango showed a great improvement in success rate. A case study carried out on two groups of people, one taking African mango with the HCG diet and the other using the HCG diet only showed different success rates. The study showed great improvement rate by including African Mango with the HCG diet program.

Benefits of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet protocol has a lot of benefits that are rare with other weight loss diets, such as:

- The diet increases the levels of libido in both women and men.
- It increases the levels of the testosterone hormone in the body and the rate of metabolism.
- With the HCG diet, there is starvation due to lack of calories because the weight loss is naturally achieved.
- The HCG diet produces fat burning without compromising with the body muscles.
- The protocol is easy and simple to follow.
- There is redistribution of fats and the person notice a reduction of sagging fatty areas.
- Fast and safe weight loss.

The fight against obesity has entered into a new phase. With the addition of the HCG diet as one of the weight loss diets, researchers believe that the fate of over 50% of the Americans is now on safe hands. Just like any other fast weight loss diets; excellent results are shown when the diet program is followed to the letter. Health experts however argue that the fight against obesity can never be achieved without the incorporation of exercises into your weight loss diet programs. It is therefore advisable to incorporate exercises with the HCG diet program in order to make you body release the unwanted fat into the blood stream without a trace of hunger.